the elegance of imperfection

Vija Clemins’s renderings of limitless space and seascapes. Armed with a graphite pencil (yeah. they’re drawings), her palette of gradations of black and gray perform patience: the artist’s patience in creating it, and ours in viewing it.



2 Responses to “the elegance of imperfection”

  1. ramsey Says:

    These pictures are actually Clemins’ source photos, not her drawings and paintings. Some of her work was shown at LACMA earlier this year. To be honest I think I like the photos cropped, taped and marked on better than the work she made from them!

  2. courtneyreams Says:

    blush. 🙂 Thank you for catching me cold. It’s easy to assume in the blogospere. With her work, you can hardly tell. And yes, I too, (obviously) subtly prefer the photos taped and marked!

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