Lee Cluderay


Lee Cluderay

“Began working as an artist – principally a collagiste – in Paris in 1921 under the name Lee Cluderay. An important muse to the Surrealists (particularly André Breton, with whom she had a brief affair), she moved London in 1936 and began to experiment with film. Thought to have been working on a semi-fictitious documentary about her life, Exits Exist, when she died, aged 37, in a fire at her studio set deliberately by her lover Tiva Miller (wife of the Conservative MP Edgar Miller). Mrs Miller was later sentenced to life imprisonment. What survives of Cluderay’s film footage is held in the archives of the British Film Institute in London. Many of her collages were destroyed in the fire. The works on display here are all that survive”.

via Self Publish, Be Happy

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