how to cement the empty

Went for a long walk around my new part of town a couple nights ago and found I live in a place much like Rachel Whiteread‘s “Place (Village).” Whiteread is hands down one of my favorite contemporary artists. Maybe its in her attempt to cement nostalgia.

Anyway, here are some of her installation shots:

Also, I love her drawings. Here is one her studies for “Place (Village”

2 Responses to “how to cement the empty”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Court! I got to see this when it was at the MFA a few years ago. A-MAZING. I went on a random weekday and there was no one there. I felt like Godzilla, but no, I didn’t stomp anything.

    Lovelovelove this.

  2. courtneyreams Says:

    I know. Part of me felt a fire to just punt one of the houses, or just lay on top of the whole thing, but I too resisted.

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